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The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten #1)

The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten #1) - Julie Kagawa 4 stars rather than 5 for the anti-climatic plot. There was this huge build-up throughout the book that had me giddy with excitement but when Ethan finally faced the Lady, it all went downhill and the scene was just like "oh... that's it?"I think I can sort of understand why it was written this way and why Keirran reacted (or didn't react specifically) the way he did - it branches off Iron's Prophecy of how he'll either unite the courts or destroy them. But I still think there could have been some more climax/action/SOMETHING to give that scene a bit of oompf.The idea itself of the Forgotten is pretty good, it was dwelled upon in The Iron Knight and I like how it's expanded on here and how Kagawa tied in Ethan and Keirran and the whole prophecy.I loved seeing Keirran here and how he turned out compared to what Ash saw in The Iron Knight. It was extremely amusing how Keirran, Ethan, Meghan and Ash all look the same age. Keirran's character is quite determined he's definitely his mother's son (and his father's) but I would have liked more of a personality on him. All I seemed to get was his love for Annwyl - where's the Iron Prince? Where is his duty to his people/kind?Kenzie was quite cute but her persistence and too-cheery determined personality annoyed me a lot. Ethan I quite liked and could see him slowly change and lower his guard as the story progressed but I thought the passion/romance with Kenzie wasn't as well written as the one for Ash/Meghan...But oh I do love Grim and the Iron Court, namely Glitch and Razor, they're so funny and really have character so I was glad to see them again here.Overall, I really liked this and can't wait to see more of Keirran/Ethan as the new Puck/Ash... but this time with a prophecy overshadowing everything!