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The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers - Vanessa Diffenbaugh I liked this book for the way the elements reminded me of the Romantic era - nature and emotion. The idea of communicating messages through flowers and meanings really appealed to me in general but I liked how it showed the protagonist's development and growth; from thistle (misanthropy) to moss (maternal love), the flowers are a better document of Victoria's change than the actual book.In terms of the novel itself, I found some bits rather detached. The flashbacks to Victoria's childhood especially I was confused about - I couldn't tell if they were memories she was retelling or an actual flashback to her past - because they seemed a little unrealistic. Even though there were emotions, the child feeling them and the reader experiencing it in first-person didn't have a real connection. Maybe it was just me?I really liked the end where emotions were high and raw!. Overall, I liked the way the novel progressed and how present day Victoria was portrayed in a realistic manner.