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Opal (Lux, #3)

Opal (Lux, #3) - Jennifer L. Armentrout OH HOLY DAIMON BABIES NO. HEART IN A MILLION PIECES RIGHT NOW. NO JUST NO. DAEMON. KATY. WHY OMG. SOMEONE HOLD ME -ROCKS IN CORNER-Ohmygod this was amazing. Armentrout really knows how to end on a cliffhanger -sobs uncontrollably-I think out of the 3 Lux books so far, this has been the most REAL. My emotions were just everywhere throughout this.There were so many changes to the characters - Dee, Katy, Daemon among others (no spoilers here) and it showed just how much each of them had been through and what each was willing to risk and sacrifice for those they loved.As usual, Katy and Daemon's snarky/witty remarks were interspersed with the more trying issues making me laugh and cry at the same time.So many relationships are tried and tested throughout Opal and I loved it. Things aren't easily fixed, trust isn't easily given but so easily broken. Trust really was an overarching theme that came in the form of a sheet of frost - one slight disturbance and it would shatter. Katy is made to question who is truly her friend, but it turns out those we thought were friends can be used as a weapon.There was also so much grief and hurt I was so proud of Katy - how she made it through everything and has become such a strong young woman by the end of Opal. Looking back at the timid girl we met in Obsidian she's almost a different person. She will do anything to protect those she loves and she really understands the weight of those words and their consequences which I loved.Daemon was a constant pillar of support and love making him even more amazing. AND GUISE WHEN YOU GET TO THE END OMG. WE SEE THE REAL DAEMON. WE SEE HIS EMOTIONS AND IT'S LIKE AN INFINITE NUMBER OF KNIVES ARE PIERCING THE HEART.I admit that there were some really useless sentences/paragraphs chucked in and I was like "what was the point of this?" but those can be overlooked in the amazingness of this book. Armentrout's writing is sophisticated and quirky as usual and Katy's voice extremely real. To sum it up as Dee would say “Oh, dear God and baby Jesus in the manger!”