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Unearthly  - Cynthia Hand OH MY SWEET GOODNESS THIS WAS AMAZING. CYNTHIA HAND I LOVE YOU, I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT TWIST AT THE END.I've been putting off reading this for years now simply because, when I first saw it, the Australian cover reminded me too much of Fallen and I thought "ick". And then I read how it was about angels and I thought "this is way too similar to Fallen no thanks". PEOPLE. I STAND CORRECTED. UNEARTHLY WAS LITERALLY UNEARTHLY. SO GOOD! Better than Fallen! I had to go out and buy Hallowed straight away today!I like how the part-angel thing with Clara is established. There's no horrifying revelation with teen angst; the reader immediately knows what Clara is and what any part-angel can do. We know what comes easily and what doesn't which I really liked. Clara isn't perfection. That made this perfection.Also. NO INSTALOVE THANK THE HEAVENS OR PART-ANGELS OR ANGELS OR WHATEVER. I love how even though her visions show her Christian, she has feelings for another boy. I love the love triangle.The writing style was witty and sarcastic and it's one of those that makes you wonder if the author was serious or not - I love the open ended-ness of that and how there are some things the reader is left to interpret on their own.I just loved everything about this. Except the cover. I hate the cover I have. I should have bought the Australian cover. At least then it would match my Hallowed and Boundless in the future. I also hate how I cracked the spine of this. I will buy the Australian cover. That is all.Wait no. TUCKER AVERY I LOVE YOU