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The Elite

The Elite - Kiera Cass Somewhere between 2.5 - 3 stars. I really wanted this to be better than The Selection. As I was reading I was trying to look for things that would make me give it more stars. I WANTED to give this more stars. But sadly, The Elite fell short of hitting the mark. Whereas I read The Selection in one hit and found issues with it, I still generally enjoyed it. Unfortunately, with The Elite there were so many times I was so frustrated I just wanted to put this down and stop. America frustrated and annoyed me like never before. She was pathetic, constantly just diving into things without considering the consequences and as much as I tried to like her compassion, there are times and places for it. She was too naive, not fit for the princess role. I liked that she tried to tackle the bigger picture but she did so in a way that brought about negative results more than anything. Overall I thought she was just stupid.The only decent character in this whole thing is Maxon. If America had some grey matter in that pretty head of hers she would have chosen him ages ago and be done with. God woman, just admit your feelings for him and be done with it. Aspen already broke your heart once and it's already evident he can't accept a sweet gesture from a girl. MAXON