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Mercy - Rebecca Lim An extremely enjoyable read, at first I found this hard to get into but then my friend told me to keep reading and as I progressed I couldn't put this book down.Not your typical fallen angel-on-earth novel that I've been accustomed to reading, Mercy is a book shrouded in mystery with just the right touch of romance that left me wanting for more.*SPOILERS* Even though it's established that Mercy is an angel exiled from heaven (as the blurb told me), her past/memories and form are so enigmatic I was left pondering what she really was. From the first mention of this 'They' or the eight, and the appearance of one Uri (ahem Uriel?), I'm left wondering if Mercy has associations with the highest order of angels and said beloved Luc is the instigator of the great war in Heaven.The romance between Ryan and Mercy/Carmen is bittersweet, lightly touching on the ability that there could be something more and I wonder if Mercy will find Ryan (or vice versa) - even with Luc ever present in Mercy's dreams - or if he's just one of the many humans she will encounter and help change their life. When she leaves there's a definite sense of loss. *END SPOILERS*The words and imagery in this book are amazing - from the musical terms that could almost bring the song to my ears, through to words such as 'corroboree' which I wouldn't find in many other texts, save for Aussie ones. I even wonder if non-Australians reading the novel would understand the meaning of corroboree if taken out of context - hence giving Mercy a really Australian yet otherwordly feel, which I really loved.Overall, awesome book, the take on exiled angels is totally different to any I've read before and now I'm just waiting for spare time so I can go buy the next book, Exile ^^