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ReVamped: (Angel Creek Book 1)

ReVamped - Ada Adams 4.75/5 stars LOL yes 4.75...Such an original story! Must admit this was different to any vampire story I've ever read. It broke the boundaries of traditional vampirism and merged technology/modern science into a really awesome plot!I loved the twist around Dawn and Aurora and her origins! Pulled me in and had me speculating since the prologue.I quite liked Dawn's character - especially her feelings and reactions 3/4 of the way through and on-wards. I really admired her strength and perseverance and need to protect others. But I also liked how she wasn't completely invincible! She could still be broken - BUT she could get through it with the help of friends. Absolutely love love LOVE Brooke! She maybe some (fake) blonde bimbo but she's a blonde bimbo with overall good intentions! I loved the stuff she said, the shit that came out of her mouth was HILARIOUS!E.g.“No way! Does that mean that I finally get to join the Fab Five? Those guys are so hot! And the girls are so pretty and oh so very catty. I’ll fit in perfectly! Ahh! I’ve always wanted to be one of them.” - LOL at the cattiness bit omg.I wish there were more Dawn x Sebastian moments! I liked his presence (albeit hidden at first) a lot and wanted more than just a car ride of them alone. I really wanted to witness more of his character but I guess that's for ReAwakened...The descriptions were also really nice!"The intense way he studied me caused my skin to tingle" - awww yeah I could really feel that penetrating stare!"... his gray eyes devoured every inch of me." - yummy!"The pain in his voice was so agonizing; I could feel it reverberating through every cell in my body." - ALL THE FEELS"He smelled like a sultry summer storm—cool, refreshing rain, sweltering, hot wind, and charged, electric thunder..." - THIS. OMG THIS. I don't know how you can describe someone like the weather - it's crazy and ridiculous and I've never heard anything like it BUT IT'S AMAZING AND I LOVE IT. That sentence completely stunned me and I was like HOT SHIT YES HOW IS IT POSSIBLE I CAN ACTUALLY SMELL HIM BUT I CAN!!!I think I didn't like the pace though, things were either happening too slow or too fast. The training of the new town guardians and the plot in general was too fast but the romance was too slow.The prologue hinted at not only a plot twist but a lot of heartache regarding Sebastian too. I felt I didn't really get the latter - there was passion and heated moments but not to the degree I was expecting :(Overall, a great read! Awesome plot, original twist, unique take on vamps and that writing style UNF